Who is nexTier

We Are Your Team. We Are nexTier.

With nexTier™, you are more than a client. You are our business partner, working together for better outcomes. From ideating new concepts to forging new partnerships, nexTier™ produces results which satisfy the business needs and desired outcomes of stakeholders. While meeting deadlines is very important, building the right technology that solves your business problem and gives users the necessary capabilities to be successful are equally important. Developing and implementing the solution to your business problem matters, not just simply implementing stop-gaps. To miss the mark on any of these goals is not an option.

What We Do

We listen. We partner. We deliver.

We inspire clarity and confidence in how we work with you. Building trust and confidence through open conversation and transparency is paramount. We do that by listening to understand your imperatives; partnering with you to share the risks and collaboratively define and validate outcomes; and delivering by effectively serving your needs. We create a community atmosphere of respect and cooperation, and we set the stage for you to be confident in our abilities and not to be afraid. Our process focuses on what matters most to you -- business value, solutions that really work, and benefit realization.

How We Do It

We think. We design. We build. We validate.

Let us support you in thinking through the solution with the desired end state in mind. Our thought process involves interactive discussions with you to gain knowledge and eliminate assumptions. We think in the dimensions of people, culture, process, and maturity level before considering technology. We do not force "Best Practices" on you as we understand those practices may not be "best" for your organization. Instead, we use our flexible frameworks to design iteratively with your active involvement, consistently asking questions, gaining real insights, and going beyond expected results. We build, test, and validate using agile philosophies with intent to prove or even disprove the solution.

Why We Do It

We believe. We care.

At nexTier™, we believe in doing what is right. It is just not something we say, it is something we live daily. Whether we are working with you on a long-term or short-term project, we help you realize the full potential of what you do and how you make a difference because we really do care.

How can we help you get to the next tiers in your business?

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