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nexTier™ is skilled in delivering meaningful solutions by actively listening, thoughtfully engaging by understanding your culture, and aligning with your business imperatives.

The world of today is complex, digital, and data rich. Navigating the complexity, or better yet, embracing simplicity can propel your business to its next level and be the discriminator for market dominance. We can help you turn complexity into simple and elegant solutions for success.

Success is measured one customer interaction at a time. And as the business climate undergoes continuous change, embracing digital strategies and being adaptive are critical for not only survival, but for thriving in this connected, everything-as-a-service world. We work with you in developing evolutionary digital transformation strategies with customer engagement at the center point. We keep you focused on delivering value to your customers by leveraging digital capabilities and rich data.

Being able to turn that rich data into actionable information can be a game changer for you. Our solutions turn your rich data into information, and information into actionable insights for strategic and operational fact-based decision-making. Your business can empower the end-user to get the right information to the right people in the right context quickly.


    nexTier Strategy

  • CSO-as-a-ServiceWe bring the business savvy of the Chief Strategy Officer and the discipline of strategic management consulting to help you solve your complex business problems and take advantage conditions to drive growth. We work with you in creating and executing a flexible strategy to achieve business goals & objectives, gain market share, and increase brand viability. We help you with adoption, process engineering, change management to ensure your strategies will be successful and supported by your staff and customers.
  • CIO-as-a-Service We enable your IT organization transform from a cost center model to a business partner. We bring the multi-modal capabilities of the Chief Innovation Officer to help you revolutionize traditional IT, becoming agile and being able to pivot quickly. We help you become the proactive researchers,idea incubator, and digital lab who provides technology capabilities to your business partners and customers. We work with your teams to implement discipline around transformation, innovation, cost transparency, planning, infrastructure optimization, digital products, and business insights. We help you understand cost drivers of the technology provided to the business and identify opportunities for improvement and efficiency. We assist you to better communicate the value of digital to your business and position you to quantify that value in tangible business terms.
  • nexTier Innovation

  • CTO-as-a-Service We bring the agility and design-thinking of the Chief Technology Officer to help you drive real and sustainable innovation within your company. We collaborate with you in creating a design and development team who can agree on a vision and understanding of the product / service you wish to build. We also ensure that as we build the product / service, we keep the needs and wants of its users and stakeholders in mind, ensuring the final product succeeds within the marketplace, as it gives users what they want - capabilities that work.
  • CCO-as-a-Service Customer experience design leads to better brand interactions and genuine loyalty. With the customer-empowering mindset of the Chief Customer Officer, we work with you to design and develop a customer-centric framework for your business. To accomplish this, we go beyond just writing a business plan. We help you to visually define and articulate how customers should see your company and what they will get by doing business with you. From formulating the engagement strategy, understanding your target customers wants and needs, to how your customers will interact with your business; we will help get your ideas out into the market for adequate testing and validation, ensuring your products and services are the best fit for your business and customer base.
  • CVO-as-a-Service Integrating innovation, design-thinking, purposeful risk-taking, and disruption with velocity and sustainability within your organization are what we bring through our Chief Ventures Officer capability. We advise your management and technical teams on acquiring emerging technologies, improving business processes, and forging meaningful partnerships. We assist you in developing flexible business models which enable your organization navigate changing business conditions, help influence the market space, and have resilience and relevance.
  • nexTier Insights

  • Analytics-as-a-Service We assist you to creating usable, context-relevant, multi-dimensional information by understanding and transforming your rich data to provide persona-based business insights and value to your end-users. We help you turn data into information for decision-making. Whether it’s structured or unstructured, we help you make sense of that data to discover new opportunities and insights. We help you find meaningful relationships between data sets to drive a higher level of analysis for better business outcomes.
  • CDO-as-a-Service With the analytical thinking and passion of the Chief Data Officer, we work with you in creating and maintaining an end-to-end strategy for your data assets. From the collection, storage, processing, and utilization of data to securing those data assets, we design an evolving strategy based on your current and projected needs. We use leading industry practices for classifying, storing, and standardizing your data assets to help maximize the security, quality, and freshness of your data. We help you establish multiple dimensions in which to manage your data assets: Availability, Security, Timeliness, Completeness, Accuracy, Integrity, Validity and Maintainability. These dimensions enable you to derive better value and deeper insights from your data assets for analysis and decision making.
  • As you discover new insights and opportunities from multi-dimensional analytics, communicating the story those analytics tell across a broad audience goes beyond the dimensions of visualization, context, and referential integrity. The story must include the additional dimensions of availability, maintainability, completeness, validity, and accuracy to enhance understanding and support more effective decision-making. These dimensions form Information Resiliency. We will help you establish sound Information Resiliency practices which support data rich environments for business insights.

We work with you to understand the goals and desired outcomes of your organization. In our many conversations with you, we uncover truths to eliminate assumptions, understand what you see as risks, and identify the things that scare you. This process helps us have the right knowledge and clarity to continue our journey with you.

We learn and grow together while reducing risk and fear. It helps you build the confidence necessary for this endeavor and to understand what resources you will need to be successful. As we stay the course on our journey together, we continually validate the truths, identify additional risks, and update our collective knowledge set to reach expected outcomes.

Our solutions are tailored to fit your business needs. We understand out-of-the-box configurations and "best practices" may not be the solution for you. Our processes use iterative approaches to design, persona-based philosophies, and flexible configurations integrated with design principles that allow us to deliver what's right for you. We help you drive proper context and visibility into information that is relevant for decision-making and better business outcomes.

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