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nexTier™ Adds Power BI to Analytics Arsenal.

DURHAM, NC. – January 17, 2018 - nexTier™ Innovations has added Microsoft's Power BI solution to the arsenal of tools supporting our Analytics-as-a-Service offering.

nexTier™ has incorporated Power BI into our interactive data analytics engine.

We will use Power BI to enable individuals and teams assemble, correlate, and share actionable information without IT involvement or point-to-point integration. The shareable dashboard capabilities allow users visualize and understand data from disparate sources. Correlations between data sources within a dashboard can be dynamically generated to provide various perspectives for consumers to make data driven decisions in the right context.

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nexTier™ Innovations, headquartered in Durham, North Carolina is a highly collaborative community of people and ideas; purpose-driven and relentless. We work with our customers to solve real business problems, enhance business performance, expand IT analysis and planning capabilities, and maximize return on investment via deliberate lean-designed processes. Our deep industry experience, rigorous analytical capabilities, pragmatic mindset, and broad technical capabilities empower our clients to solve the most complex business challenges, capitalize on opportunities, and avoid unnecessary risks.

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